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Gretchen Rubin's Four Tendencies have come up a lot over the last few months, both in sessions of the Daily Making Jumpstart Live in January, and in video chats as recently as this morning.

She wrote a whole book on the topic, but she also has a free quiz up on her website that'll quickly indicate which tendency/ies you have.

These might be helpful for addressing challenges you face when it comes to getting things done, starting big projects, shifting gears, etc.

So let's discuss! Take the quiz and share the tendency/ies you have. Does it ring true for you? Are there ways you can put this information to work for you?

ETA: What do you think of having a book-club-like discussion of this book? Weigh in below!
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The turning point: rip it or keep going?
This morning I discovered a mistake in the pouf I’m making. It’s a very simple mistake: I forgot to turn the work after finishing ONE row. But it made my primary yarn become my secondary yarn, and the right side became the wrong side of my work. And I loooooove my primary yarn. I’m 40 rows into the pattern, and I decided to rip out 24 rows to fix this mistake. I’m realizing that it’s even more painful because I’m working with four balls of yarn at a time! But I know it’s the right thing to do because THE YARN! Sure, I could live with it as it is. It’s still attractive and most people wouldn’t necessarily notice the difference. But looking at more of the flat green yarn vs. the shiny colorful yarn just won’t work for me. So I’m ripping and winding. 

It got me wondering: What are people’s turning points to decide to rip out their work, vs. keep going?  Do you have any memorable project rewinds? Any regrets that you decided to keep working? Do you tend to accept the mistakes and appreciate seeing the imperfections in the finished product?
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I figured I'd try to start a thread to see if I could break it. 😉 Here's a little Q&A that might be fun to introduce ourselves:

My name is _____.

I live in or around ___________.

I go by _________ on Facebook.

Other places/accounts you can find me on (Instagram, Twitter, Ravelry)...

Crafty/Make-y stuff I do...

Other things I like are.....

Why'd I join?


And now my answers:

My name is Corrie!

I live in or around Omaha, Nebraska. I'm originally an Air Force kid from all over, but landed in DC, then move here for my husband in 2005.

I go by  Corrie Oberdin on Facebook.

Other places/accounts you can find me on (Instagram, Twitter, Ravelry)... Instagram: corriemakes365; Ravelry: Corrie

Crafty/Make-y stuff I do...Knitting, spinning, crocheting, drawing, collaging, and I just made my first soap and uh-oh, that might be a thing.

Other things I like are.....yoga, aerial (right now approximately 60% of my brain is taken up by this - I used to scroll through Instagram looking at yarn, now I scroll through instagram looking at aerialists and my husband asked me if I was planning to join the circus), reading, not being stuck in the snow, hiking, going on adventures with my kids.

Why'd I join? I joined because I got SO MUCH out of the Daily Making Jumpstart that this seemed like the obvious next step! I work on my own, usually from my dining room table, and my regular contact with adults who aren't my husband is limited to yoga/aerial class and my clients. So this is a great way to engage with other people.


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