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Practicing social distancing shouldn't result in social isolation.

So we now have an always-on video chatroom for all members of our community to use anytime. Just click this link: https://whereby.com/mighty-creative

Save that link as a bookmark in your browser and join the chat just by clicking. That's it. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

(Please don't share the link outside of the forums. The chat room is big enough for our community, but it'll be overwhelmed if we share the link outside these virtual walls.)

Use this thread to declare when you'll be in there, or to invite folks to join you for anything at all – a quick chat, if you need help with a project, to make stuff together, to put together a wee virtual class...
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At one time or another, many of us experience a period of hardship during which we must cut many non-essential expenditures.

And at one time or another, many of us experience a period during which we want to share of our ability to afford expenses that go beyond the essential.

I'm working on setting up a scholarship program for our community, and I'd love your input as I work out the details.

At this moment, I'm leaning toward establishing a bucket folks can contribute into in, say, $5 increments. This will comprise the scholarship fund.

As needed, folks would then apply to the fund privately. Scholarships would be awarded as funds allow, and could be applied either to Supporting Membership or to workshops.

Please hit reply and let me know what you think of this idea in general, and with your thoughts on details related to contributions and allocations.

My goal here is to provide a boost to community members when they need it, and an opportunity for community members to support each other.

What do you think?
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Hi all. I sent this out to our Patreon members earlier today, and while I said in that note that I would be raising the topic in the forums today in a way that implied I'd write something different, I realize now that writing something different is silly, so I'm simply pasting the same message here.

This is absolutely open for conversation, but it is not open, as will become clear when you get to the end, to arguments against the basic tenet that all people must enjoy the ability to live as they choose to live and not only to do so safely, but in a manner that enables them to thrive.

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