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Last week, we had an amazing discussion about the issues of race in light of the Black Lives Matter protests and learning going on lately. I said that I would start a thread to discuss this in the forums, so here it is. As usual, be gentle and good to one another, this topic hits many folks in a tender place. 

These are some prompts to get us thinking and discussing. You can answer these questions directly or just say what’s on your mind. 

Has the Black Lives Matter movement (wrong word, but can’t think of a better one right now) influenced or changed the way you think about crafting, making, and things creative?

And second: Are there things we as a community could address in light of what we have learned and seen these past months?

As the actual protests wind down, how can we, individually or as a community, learn, grow, and respond as a community (beyond the statements Kim has already made)?

I’ll post my own responses separately. But feel free to just jump in. 
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I hadn't done any sewing for a long time before I got the machine out to make masks. I was doing that thing where I felt like I couldn't sew anything else until I got this old project I'd stalled out on finished. After the masks were done, I remembered I'd been wanting to make something to replace those disposable cotton rounds (like these). At one point I had gotten as far as digging up fabric for it, a knit shirt that never did fit properly and some flannelette, but then I never actually started.

Once the machine was out for something else, I figured I might as well have a go at it. I cut apart the shirt, layered a chunk of it with the flannelette and cut it into strips, then cut the strips into smaller rectangles and zig-zagged the edges. I tried using a microtex needle at first, figuring the flannelette would make the t-shirt material act right, but I was getting a lot of skipped stitches. I switched to a jersey needle and flipped them over so the knit was on top while sewing, and things went much better after that. I made just six to start with a while back in case I hated them, then made a bunch more last weekend.

I love these things. They're nicer than cotton rounds and don't leave bits of lint on my face - woo! They're not pretty, the edges are a bit wonky, but they're very usable. I have a little plastic container that I drop the used ones into, and I wash the lot of them when I'm starting to run out.
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Hi all. I sent this out to our Patreon members earlier today, and while I said in that note that I would be raising the topic in the forums today in a way that implied I'd write something different, I realize now that writing something different is silly, so I'm simply pasting the same message here.

This is absolutely open for conversation, but it is not open, as will become clear when you get to the end, to arguments against the basic tenet that all people must enjoy the ability to live as they choose to live and not only to do so safely, but in a manner that enables them to thrive.

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