Staying Connected Through the Pandemic

Video chats, craft clubs, book clubs, social support, emotional support – this is the place to come together.


  1. Zoom Video Chats

    These are scheduled chats with set dates/times and free registration is required. They're held about once a week.

  2. Video Chat Room Plans

    Our video chat room is always on and open for folks to pop into and out of as you'd like. Use this forum for letting folks know when you'll be in there, or for planning craft-nights, or anything else!

  3. Social Events

    Plan or announce online events for creative folks here! These could be make-alongs, lessons or classes, sing-alongs, concerts, performances, collaborative projects – anything at all that's social.

  4. Planning & Brainstorming

    Got ideas you want to flesh out or collaborate on? Raise them here!

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