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A Month of Weaving

October is Weaving Month! It's a chance to try it out, get back to it, learn something new, share something with fellow adventurers.


  1. Event Details, Polls, Questions

    General info about Weaving Month, including invitations to ask for help, offer help, and make suggestions.

  2. Getting Started

    For those of us about to weave for the first(ish) time and for those of us coming back to weaving after a long hiatus, this is where to start. Info about making simple looms, basic techniques, etc.

  3. Warp-Along

    The yarn that's wrapped from one end of a loom to the other to form the background of a weaving is called the warp. The way to warp a loom varies according to the type of loom being used. For some weavers, especially beginners, warping their loom can be an intimidating step. So we're going to warp our looms together!

  4. Patterns, Instructions and Tutorials

    This is the place for sharing projects (links to patterns or instructions, or posts with your own instructions) and tutorials (links and actual tutorials themselves). If you have ever woven anything before, you have things to teach members who are less experienced. Don't be shy!

  5. Sharing Progress and FOs

    Show off your progress and/or your finished objects!

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