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  2. I'm Carol from SC. I've finally started on the zigzag scarf. At this point it doesn't have a final destination. I'm just focusing on one stitch at a time and deep breathing through my tremours. It's good to have hook and yarn in hand again. Best books of the year have been Spring Snow and Runaway Horses, Yukio Mishima's first 2 books of The Sea of Fertility series.
  3. OMG! Lovely work. How nice to be using that stored energy from your slump to make such beauties.
  4. Yesterday
  5. I'm actually just using some Lion Brand stuff I picked up at Joann's (its one of their newer, schmancier brands). I saw it and it was pretty, and so I just started. My own pattern - if you can call guessing at how many stitches to cast on for the thigh & then doing so a "pattern" :).
  6. Wow! You've been busy, great job! I love the hat. Glad to hear/see you're out of your slump.
  7. Great idea, @daisywreath! I would be interested.
  8. Last week
  9. To figure out your number of ends you multiply the sett by the width. If you have a 10-dent reed and you want your scarf to be 8’’ wide you would have 80 warp ends. But I’m not sure if that is your question exactly. Is it that you want to know how to sett your yarn? IAre you on a rigid-heddle loom? It is a way gross overgeneralization, but roughly speaking, bulky works in a 5-dent, worsted/DK in an 8-dent, sport in a 10-dent, and fingering in a 12-dent. Of course it depends on the type of yarn and how much it will bloom. This is a post I wrote about a new sett checking tool, but the top part gives you an idea of how to guesstimate sett with just a ruler.
  10. I got lost last week as did some of my fellow writer groupees. When you are blazing away to get to a word count, do you get lost? Where am I in the story? Did I go so fast that I forgot a scene? Did I already write about that? What am I missing? Today I decided to take a quick reread - not to be confused with an edit - to just get a focus again. And write 200 words that are helpful to my story.
  11. And likely quite warm! What type of yarn are you using and such?
  12. I'll pull it out tonight and bring to the basketball game! And YES, FULL leg legwarmers. Like, up to mid-thigh? They are going to take me FOREVER, but I'll b thankful when I'm done....
  13. I wish I could shine some light on this, but I'm as curious to know the answer as you are, now that you've brought it up. Tagging @Sandi Wiseheart and @Liz Gipson, our two resident experts (at least that I know of!).
  14. YESSSSS. I'm with @Kuchylm on this – I have books, I know nothing, I would love to follow along and make terrible things so I can figure out how to maybe not make terrible things! @daisywreath There's a new feature here on the site called "clubs" (I can't change the name! I hate the name, but it does describe the gist) – they're like forums within the forums, and perfect for something like this. You can see a couple in action if you click on the obvious link to it in the menu up at the top of the page. Let me know if I can help you do this in any way!
  15. It's never too late, @Corrie! (Also, full-leg legwarmers? 😍)
  16. OMG, I have failed and got distracted by legwarmers (really, I saw a gal wear these beautiful, long full-leg legwarmers in class the other day, and immediately came home and cast on). However, I should just get it out and work on my blanket for 10 minutes while I do my SAD lamp in the morning....
  17. I am having such a fun time doing this! I am about to start on Row 3 and you are right. It is quite relaxing!
  18. Thanks @Kim Werker! I think it may be the lighting or the part of yarn used for my swatch, but it is a pink, teal, and orange blend of ILTC yarn. I am glad it is working out so well!
  19. This is such a good way of thinking about it!
  20. I haven't written anything in 3 days. Everyone has moments (or days) where reality creeps in. Mine is a family visit. I could have snuck in some writing in between moments of hanging out and stuff but I decided not to force it. I'll catch up. 600 words is not lost, just waiting for later. Don't beat yourself up, it's not helpful.
  21. I would be VERY interested! I know nothing, saw stuff on pinterest, have 4 sketchbooks. I feel ready to make some ugly!
  22. Really good, @Kim Werker! Your Blu-print class demonstrations are fantastic. I have to think about the valleys a bit each time but I'm almost finished my first row. I really want to keep going but my eyes have had enough so it will have to wait for tomorrow.
  23. I’ve decided that I want to weave a scarf out of some of my (considerable) yarn stash. I was wondering if anyone knows how I can go about calculating the number of ends I need, if I know the weight of yarn I have. I’m confortable doing calculations, I just don’t know what to use. I know this would be easier if I just followed a pattern and bought all the wool called for in the pattern, but I really just want to use what a I have to start.
  24. I had this idea that it might be fun to do a journal project as a group, so I figured I'd post to see if there was any interest in doing this. Starting in January, maybe? I was thinking I could put together a basic supply list (using diy tools as much as possible to keep the cost down) and a few weekly prompts. If I can figure out a way to set my camera up over my desk I might be able to do a short technique video for each week. (I finally got my camera replaced by Canon - yay! The package was stolen after they sent it back from a warranty repair during the summer, and they kindly sent me a new one since Fedex didn't think it was their problem.) I'm not an expert at any of this stuff, but reading through the art journal thread it seemed that it might be a good way to get started for anyone who's wanting to try it and feeling stuck.
  25. Your colours are so pretty, @angelak! Mmm, fall. 🍁
  26. I've been all about the knitting lately. I made a sweater for my grandson and finally finished my Central Park hoodie after three years. Some fingerless gloves snuck in there as well because my hands were cold 😄 and I made a hat for my roommate for Christmas. I love this hat pattern (Blue Poppy Hat by Valentina Cosciani) and definitely want to make one for myself later on after I finish the Christmas knitting. I typically don't do a lot of knitting for Christmas gifts, but I figured since I was in a big knitting mood I might as well. I've been churning out dishcloths as stocking stuffers, and I'm planning a Wurm hat for my stepdaughter in some Targhee handspun. A couple of years ago we were at a fiber festival where she was eyeing a hat that looked a lot like Wurm, and I've been meaning to make one for her ever since. I finally wound a ball of the yarn I'm planning to use and am hoping to manage a gauge swatch today. (I need to spin some more yarn as well - I have one bobbin full and just need one more, I think, and then to ply it.) This is about 2 months' worth of FOs. I've somehow managed to finish more knitting projects this year than any other year since 2010 according to my Ravelry notebook. I haven't gotten a lot else done with my spare time! But I seem to have snapped out of the funk I was in all summer and I'm so happy to be making things again. The CPH could have been two or three inches longer, but on the whole I'm really happy with it. This is my first finished adult-sized sweater. I learned so much about seaming doing this!
  27. After days of procrastinating, pondering, and puzzling I have figured out the number of stitches needed and completed my foundation chain. 😊 Time to tackle the first row.
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