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  2. Corrie

    Art Journals?

    How did I miss these? @daisywreaththese are amazing! 😍
  3. These are beautiful!! I love your combination of geometric repeating patterns and organic forms.
  4. I carry a notebook that I very occasionally draw in (mostly sketching out diagrams of what I'm going to make), but you're making me want to get a smaller pallet and carry my watercolors around with me!
  5. Last week
  6. I love your work! This is something I'd love to get into the habit of, and I have a couple of little ones that would be easy to carry. I never seem to manage to remember, though! I've been planning to stash some supplies in my camera bag, since I recently got a new bag that has extra room. And if I stash everything in a ziploc bag, it won't be harmed by sharing a compartment with the dog's portable water bowl 😃
  7. Love all of these. I'm constantly trying to find decent storage solutions that aren't...actual storage solutions. 🙂
  8. I am going to try the fusible tape first because my "stitching" is limited to sewing myself to my machine. However, if it doesn't work, I'll try @Kim Werker and @KirstenG.'s suggestions! My only concern is I am *NOT* a sewer - I can't even begin to show how terrible I am at it (I think that's a reason I'm giving up weaving, because I'm tired of table runners/scarves) and I've tried for years (we're talking since I was 8). (Truth: my first thought was "Maybe I'll just cut off the extra fabric?")
  9. I would probably try matching thread and hemstitches to hold that down. If the thread matches the color, and you just take small stitches that don't really go through the fabric, it shouldn't show on the front.
  10. Thank you. I go camping and hiking and out and about a lot. Being a photographer gives me lots of freedom in scheduling
  11. What if you topstitched across the whole bib?
  12. I don't carry a sketch book (used to, work at home now, so time out of the house is spent doing things that inhibit sketching) but love your stuff!
  13. Love it. I am really attracted to your white, perforated, letter holder thingy. I will be looking for one of those.
  14. Earlier
  15. How about wine racks as pen holders
  16. I wish when I was young I had carried a sketchbook. I have always loved to draw. Now I keep a tiny one in my purse all the time. I keep a 5x8 nearby too and use it the most. I have filled two books so far and almost done with a third. I love to use watercolors and markers but dabble with acrylic and pencils as well. I am not much into collage so my pages are flat until I participate in an online challenge that includes collage. Want to share some of your pages? Here is some of mine. you can see more on instagram: asketchylady
  17. daisywreath

    Art Journals?

    I've been doing it since (I think) late 2014. At that point, I hadn't been able to draw much at all for over a year, after a scaphoid fracture and 6 weeks in a cast that resulted in some muscle loss. I found a copy of Creating Art at the Speed of Life and decided I should try this. I found the idea of mixed media art really intriguing but didn't actually try it until I started reading that book. I tend to start with gel prints -- I make a ton of them every so often, which gives me a starting place so I don't (as often) freeze up and not know where to start. If I have a totally blank page it's hard, but once I've started out by gluing something to the page or by slopping a bunch of paint on as a background it's easier for me to keep going. Here are a few photos of stuff in my journals. These are all pages I liked -- I don't have as many photos of the stuff I hated 😄 I want to do a finished piece along the lines of those birds - it's been a couple years since I did that and I still love the idea of it.
  18. This might be a great solution! I’ll get some and try it & report back! Thank YOU!!!!!! 🎉🎉🎉
  19. Some kind of fusible thing between the bib and the facing (not sure if that's the right word), maybe? My ma swore by this stuff for hems. There's a heavier version if that seems too lightweight.
  20. Corrie

    Art Journals?

    I don't have an art journal, though I used to thousands of years ago. I love looking at them, and never think that mine are good enough but now that I type that out loud, I realize how ridiculous that sounds! This part of what you said: I would love to get there. I tell myself that I can/should also use my bullet journal for some artsyier things, but when I sit down to do it I'm like "Markers? Or Crayon? Or maybe watercolor? Or collage? AUUUGH!" and then fall in a heap. 😉 How long have you been doing it? (would you share photos?)
  21. Hey gang! I was thinking one of my fellow crafty adventures may actually have a good answer to this question . I have a pair of overalls and the top part of the overalls always seems to flip over. (See sad duckface photo). I’d love it to lay flat but no matter how many times I iron it it always flips back up. Any thoughts on a good fix?
  22. Ooh! I'll have to take a pic of my years-old yarn storage made from baby formula containers!
  23. I started getting a bunch of peg stamps (they're addictive!) and needed a good place to put them. I re-purposed an old spice rack, and added a matboard backing held on with wire and washi tape. I like how functional it is. Does anyone else have a storage solution they'd like to share?
  24. It hasn't much yet. This week has been consumed with prep for a road trip to Atlanta.
  25. Oh, and sooooo... @Kimberly Hirsh: How’s the prep for mermaiding going? I’ve been wondering. 🏊‍♀️🌟🧜🏼‍♀️
  26. My wife practices with a monofin to help develop her ankle/calf strength (competitive swimmer at the provincial level). As a matter of fact, the fin she uses is the one on your monofin info page, bottom right; the bright yellow one. I did a bit of poking, and found that mermaiding and women’s competitive swimming are intertwined—both of the first women to call themselves professional mermaids came from a competition background. (Got this from the link to info on mermaiding above; fascinating!) My fave bit of info is that Daryl Hannah, who of course played a great Hollywood mermaid, had been practicing to “swim like a mermaid”—ankles fastened together so both feet act as a single driving force—since she was an elementary school kid. On the movie set, she could swim so fast with the mermaid monofin tail that her security divers and camerafolks could not keep up with her. Apparently, once you get good with monofins, you can swim pretty darn fast with them! ❤️❤️
  27. daisywreath

    Some Origami

    This made little cartoon hearts pop up over my head 😍
  28. daisywreath

    Art Journals?

    Do any of you do any kind of art journaling? What do you use it for? Do you write in yours? I have a thing that I tend to call an art journal for lack of a better word. I rarely write in mine, but I don't really have a better way to describe it. When I do write in it, I tend to bury the writing under layers of other stuff. I primarily use mine to play around in, to think things over on paper, and to try things out that feel awkward about. I usually start with a background of either a solid color of paint or a gel print and then kind of mess around with bits of mark-making and color, sometimes stencils/stamps. Sometimes I draw in it, but it's usually not the focus of the thing. When I first started doing this, I was interested in the idea of mixed-media art but felt absurd about trying it. Working in book form felt way less intimidating. And as an ongoing thing, it's much easier to squeeze in a little time here and there in this format than with an Actual Project. I sometimes feel like I default to working in the journal a little too much, though, inasmuch as I hardly ever get any actual finished pieces done 😄 and I could use to break out of my comfort zone so often. But it's nice to have that comfort zone, too. I recently kind of didn't do much of anything creative for the better part of a month, and I was able to crack the journal open and start messing around in it without dithering hugely over what I wanted to do, which is a nice feeling.
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