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We're determined to learn (or remember) how to sew our own clothes. Whether by machine or by hand, we'll share our experiments, post links to patterns and tutorials, ask for and give help, and cheer each other on as we learn and grow. Huzzah! 🧵 There is no formal structure to this group; please simply consider this an invitation to join in anytime. 🧵 And note: No pressure to have or use a sewing machine for this. Hand-sewing is most welcome!
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  2. I really love this tip! It makes so much sense to do it when the shirt is way more malleable than it will be when the side seams are sewn. And I, too, as you might imagine, am totally comfortable with imperfections. 🙂 Excited to give it a try later today!
  3. YAYYYYYY!!!! If the collar seems fiddly, it's because it is a little bit. You can use your sewing machine to baste the collar edge shut (i.e., fold in half and sew the flap "shut"). This means you're working with TWO edges instead of THREE as attach your collar to your neck hole. The disadvantage of basting is that it will almost definitely be a little too small (it won't stretch to fit the neck hole) so you're more likely to end up with a pucker somewhere. (The fiddly factor is another reason I like doing it at the beginning before I get tired and less patient.) Let me know how
  4. @emmajane! Thank you for this incredible gift! I've got the shoulder seams sewn on my trial shirt. I managed to dig up scrap fabric so I'm not making my first attempt with stuff I love. Your videos have cleared up so many questions I had! I'll post pics soon. ❤️❤️❤️
  5. Last one!! Hemming. I didn’t show you how to fold up the edge of your fabric and pin it in place, but I did show you a few different zig zag stitches and how they shouldn’t break. I’m wearing my tshirt now and it’s Obvs my favourite thing ever. One down, three more to go (I’ll wash this one first as I was naughty and didn’t pre wash my fabric). Looking forward to any questions you’ve got!
  6. ❤️ I've got one more set of steps (hemming)! Let me know how you get on with the vids. I have plans to make at least another three tshirts. If there was something that wasn't clear the first time and you want a different way of understanding it it'll be super easy for me to (re)do a video. Or if you just need cheerleading we can try to coordinate to do a hangouty thing if you want!
  7. Thank you so much for this, @emmajane! I lost my momentum to do this (uh, shocker), but this is exactly the kind of project I need, and I'm going to set things up tomorrow or Friday! YAY!
  8. Checking the fit (because you basically have a tshirt now so why wouldn't you pop it on and see how it fits?!)
  9. Sewing the side seams: This video could have probably used a wider angle...🙄 let me know if it doesn't really make sense and I can do-over on the next tshirt I make...
  10. Sewing the neckline. Doing this step now instead of later means your neckline won't get all stretched out of whack. I got this tip from She has great resources (videos, patterns, blog posts) and unlike my videos her camera doesn't bounce off the table when she sews. 🤣
  11. Next set of videos are on their way! Sewing the shoulder seams:
  12. PS do you need closeups of anything??
  13. Alright!! I’ve got a few videos that will get us ready for sewing. It’s been literally years since I’ve put anything on YouTube. I’ve done zero edits. And away we go!! [EDIT! I updated the video links as the processing failed on the first attempt. hopefully they'll all play now!] choosing the size for your pattern: tracing your pattern pieces (optional step!!): Cutting out your pattern pieces: next up: sewing all the things!! Do you want to know more about sergers vs. sewing machines or should I just dive straight into
  14. Fab! Let's do this thing! Anyone else in? I'll post my setup steps (hopefully tomorrow).
  15. I've got the Montlake T-shirt pattern by @Kimberly Payne, a serger I barely know how to use, and some fabric I've been collecting over the years!
  16. Wooohooo!! Have you got a pattern? Or a fave tshirt? These ones are my “tried and true”. The sewaholic is good for lightweight WOVEN material, the others are good for stretchy KNITS or JERSEY (basically the same diff at this point of our game). have you got fabric? You’ll need about 1-1.5yards or metres depending on the width of the fabric. I’ve got some lush wool. have you got a sewing machine, a serger, or plain ol’ needle and thread? If you haven’t got a sewing machine check out Alabama chanin for handstitched tshirt patterns. They’re great! (And have allowed me
  17. In the next few weeks I "need" to make a couple of tshirts because summer is coming and I have some awesome new fabric. I haven't been procrastinating, exactly, but I also haven't been getting on it. And then I thought: maybe it's time for YOU to make a tshirt as well and maybe you'd like to make one AT THE SAME TIME as me?! I've made a lot of tshirts, they're simple once you've done it a few times. (They're simple the first time as well.) I'm happy to give opinions on choosing a pattern, and fabric, and even drafting your own pattern, or modifying a pattern (like that time I turned a nor
  18. I've always wanted to make my own clothes. I did manage to make some doll clothes and Halloween costumes when my kids were younger but have not delved into much more yet. My husband did get me a new sewing machine for Christmas years ago but I'm not sure if I've used it more than a couple of times since then. I also love the "slow fashion" movement happening now. Using recycled materials and creating stuff that lasts appeals to me. "Fashion" drives me crazy, it seems the designers choose the most hideous colours and shapes and then everything in the stores is based on that for a seas
  19. Great! (There's a double layer skirt in there I tried and failed to make.)
  20. This book came in the mail today. It has been on my wishlist for years. Finally committing.
  21. Just sayin': Sonya Phillip and ~ highly recommend.
  22. I've been wanting to make my own A-line skirts for years now because I have a hard time finding ones that I like. So, I'm going to start out by making the simplest skirt I possibly can just to say I finally did it and so I can learn from the process. I have not made any garments for myself beyond weaving scarves. I've never made anything clothing-wise where measurements mattered.
  23. I've been sewing on and off since I learned in home ec in 8th grade (I'm still using the portable Singer Genie I got for my 15th birthday). I enjoy making very simple garments: No zippers, no buttonholes. I like things that pull over, things that pull on, and things that wrap. Pockets are also important. My biggest challenge is fit and material choice. I recently got a dress form, so that's helping. Amazing though, how some material that looks great on the bolt ends up making me look like grandma's couch. I send a lot of self-made items to Goodwill. When I choose the right mater

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