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The Holidays

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No matter the holiday, this is a place for recommendations, suggestions and sharing. Holiday patterns and projects, recipes, gift ideas, gift suggestions, finished projects to share, etc. Please keep in mind that we are a diverse group, with members celebrating a variety of holidays from different traditions, religions, nationalities and ethnicities. Please share generously of your own experience and tradition and welcome the sharing of others. If you love holidays and want to help moderate this group, drop Kim a note!

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  2. It feels weirdly like I was a different person this year. I finished all my knitting several days before Christmas and wasn't having last-minute freak-outs about gifts I was making. Granted, all the knitted stuff was still a tiny bit damp Christmas morning because I underestimated how long it would all take to dry, so I ended up not wrapping it all until I got to my daughter's house in Cincinnati. I was still baking cookies at 11:00 Christmas eve, which is par for the course for me, but the knitting was done, and I am never this together. There was one year where I was binding books at my daughter's place while dinner was in the oven. My total handmade gifts ended up being two bottlecap pincushions (instructions here), 5 neckwarmers (three of these in various colors and two identical gray ones like this), two hats, and a sweater for my grandson. I was super relieved that the sweater fit. The pattern had instructions like "continue until sleeves measure 18 cm" and I discovered much later that the tape measure I was using was printed wrong. On the inch side, every inch was more like 15/16ths of an inch, and the cm side was off about as much. Fortunately it fits anyway, with enough room to grow into that he can wear it for the rest of the winter.
  3. With winter holidays coming in just a few days, are you panicking? Finishing up your handmade gifts? Starting some last-minute ones?
  4. I finished the hat! I'm pretty pleased that it came out an appropriate size and not weirdly big or tiny since I had to adjust the stitch count by a lot due to using a much lighter weight yarn. I still have some qualms over the wonkiness of the yarn, though. Oh, and I didn't even have to finish spinning more yarn! I finished with 2 grams of yarn to spare. I'm now working on a squishy cowl that's working up pretty quickly and might do a couple more if all goes well.
  5. I plan on knitting a hat for my boyfriend, and making stitch makers/progress keepers for some friends.
  6. Melody’s Maple Granola is actually a year-round breakfast staple for us, but Melody makes batches for the local church Christmas Bazaar, so it’s sort of festive! You can obviously play with the ingredients to get a custom mix of your own! P.S. I have never put chocolate chips in this...but I have thought about it! (I hope the file download works. It took me a stupid amount of time to figure out that my ipad doesn’t like this particular task. Worked fine with my phone. Darn Gremlins.) High in protein and all tgat good stuff. Oh, and we use the darkest maple syrup we can get up here (super dark, delicious!) for the flavour. (Needless to say, for this recipe, ya gotta use the Real Stuff or the flavour will suffer.) Breakfast of swim champions and knitting sopranos. wiseheart-granola.pdf
  7. We got to talking about holiday baking in our video chat today, and I thought it'd be fun to create a recipe swap. Which isn't really a swap so much as a thread where we can share our favourite holiday-related recipes. These will be different recipes depending on the time of year and the holidays that are coming up, so I labeled this thread for winter holidays, and we can make new ones as the seasons pass. Ok, I'll start. This is my go-to recipe for sugar cookies (which, not being a Christmas celebrator, I usually trot out for Halloween. 😁). As promised, no chilling needed. I made these sufganiyot (jelly donuts) last year at Chanukah, and they were incredibly satisfying to make. I want to tweak the dough a bit so it's more flavourful, so we'll see if I can manage to figure that out this year. :) Ok, your turn! What are your favourite things to cook or bake for winter holidays?
  8. @Kuchylm Darth Vader lotion heads sound fabulous!
  9. I plan on making a lot of gifts - I should probably start that this weekend 😆 Lotion bars in my instant pot in the shape of darth vader heads is one gift. Some ornaments for my mother in law. Some custom bedazzled frames with fun pictures for relatives. Earrings and necklaces for some friends and moms. Scarf holders out of polymer clay for grandmas. Shirts with funny things on them for husband. Whew - hopefully this thread keeps me motivated!
  10. Last year I didn't do any handmade gifts. The year before, I'd made a batch of blank books, and because I chronically underestimate how long things will take, it was a little stressful getting everything done. So last year I figured I'd take it easy on myself and not make anything. This year, in a rare burst of temporal awareness 😄 I realized in early September that if I wanted to make anything, I'd best get on with it. I've been doing a lot of knitting, which feels great because I had kind of lost my knitting mojo for a long time. So far I've finished a sweater for my grandson, a hat for my housemate (I love that hat pattern so much!) and a bunch of dishcloths as stocking-stuffer type gifts. (I totally believe that it's worth learning to knit just to be able to make dishcloths.) Right now I'm about halfway through a hat for my stepdaughter. A couple of years ago, she was eyeing a hat that looked a lot like this at a fiber festival, and I've been wanting to make her one ever since. I need to do some more spinning to get this done because I definitely don't have half a hat's worth of yarn left. (This is the only handspun thing, so no spinning pressure for anything else.) I have a half-full bobbin spun, and I think another half-full bobbin will make enough yarn to finish it. I'm feeling slightly insecure about it because this yarn is really nowhere near as even as I remembered it being, but I think it'll be okay once it's washed and the stitches relax a bit. Here's what I have so far (well, actually I have a couple more ridges knit now):
  11. The winter holidays are coming up as we get this club started. Are you making any gifts this year? Share what you're up go, and be sure to include links if you're following patterns or instructions!

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