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Join in for some zig-zag crochet fun! Kim will share a free pattern when we begin, but work on whatever zig-zag project you'd like. (Even knitting, if you're so inclined!) This club is public – both community members and non-members are welcome to join. Ask for help when you need some, share tips when you have some!

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  2. Slow and steady for me with this one. I love the long colour bands of this yarn! I'm going to work at least another two rows. Debating about fringe...
  3. You should be! It is beautiful!!!
  4. Not at all! I am pretty proud of it!
  5. Oh, wow, @angelak! It's gorgeous! Mind if I share a pic on social media?
  6. It is finished! I am making at least one more as they will be going to a friend and her daughter in Pakistan.
  7. Ooh, I see the true colours now, @angelak! So pretty!
  8. I am half way (I think). I am trying to decide between 6, 8, or 10. I have no idea how tall it should be. I hope everyone is doing well!
  9. Wow! That is amazing! Good luck! I used to love Lion Brand but some of it was really hard to work with. Can't wait to see the photo opp!
  10. I'm Carol from SC. I've finally started on the zigzag scarf. At this point it doesn't have a final destination. I'm just focusing on one stitch at a time and deep breathing through my tremours. It's good to have hook and yarn in hand again. Best books of the year have been Spring Snow and Runaway Horses, Yukio Mishima's first 2 books of The Sea of Fertility series.
  11. I'm actually just using some Lion Brand stuff I picked up at Joann's (its one of their newer, schmancier brands). I saw it and it was pretty, and so I just started. My own pattern - if you can call guessing at how many stitches to cast on for the thigh & then doing so a "pattern" :).
  12. And likely quite warm! What type of yarn are you using and such?
  13. I'll pull it out tonight and bring to the basketball game! And YES, FULL leg legwarmers. Like, up to mid-thigh? They are going to take me FOREVER, but I'll b thankful when I'm done....
  14. It's never too late, @Corrie! (Also, full-leg legwarmers? 😍)
  15. OMG, I have failed and got distracted by legwarmers (really, I saw a gal wear these beautiful, long full-leg legwarmers in class the other day, and immediately came home and cast on). However, I should just get it out and work on my blanket for 10 minutes while I do my SAD lamp in the morning....
  16. I am having such a fun time doing this! I am about to start on Row 3 and you are right. It is quite relaxing!
  17. Thanks @Kim Werker! I think it may be the lighting or the part of yarn used for my swatch, but it is a pink, teal, and orange blend of ILTC yarn. I am glad it is working out so well!
  18. Really good, @Kim Werker! Your Blu-print class demonstrations are fantastic. I have to think about the valleys a bit each time but I'm almost finished my first row. I really want to keep going but my eyes have had enough so it will have to wait for tomorrow.
  19. Your colours are so pretty, @angelak! Mmm, fall. 🍁
  20. After days of procrastinating, pondering, and puzzling I have figured out the number of stitches needed and completed my foundation chain. 😊 Time to tackle the first row.
  21. I got it going! I'm about to calculate my gauge so I can start the scarf! I started over and adjusted my hook size, which has helped a lot!
  22. I've got a loooong mess of zigzag going. :)
  23. How's it going? Have you gotten started? Share pics and updates here!
  24. I think that's looking right, @angelak. Keep going for a couple more rows – I suspect it's just that the relief pattern doesn't show up prominently right away. If after three rows or so it's still not looking right to you, snap a photo and we'll figure it out!
  25. So I feel like I am doing something wrong. I am doing the blo but it really doesnt look right. I have attached a pic for suggestions. TIA!
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