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      The yarn that's wrapped from one end of a loom to the other to form the background of a weaving is called the warp. The way to warp a loom varies according to the type of loom being used. For some weavers, especially beginners, warping their loom can be an intimidating step. So we're going to warp our looms together!

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    • Y'all. I just put my finger on something that's been bugging the everloving crap out of me for a few weeks. And I want to know if this resonates with you. And if it resonates with you, please tell me how/why.

      I am currently in a very rare state of being a freaking domestic champion. I'm schlepping my kid and having meetings at his school and going grocery shopping and buying dog food and corresponding with an ill friend and making plans for another friend's epic birthday next spring and and and.

      And I am not writing my novel and I've barely been knitting.

      And it's not those things, specifically – it's that I am not making my Important Things.

      That's the concept I put my finger on.

      Because it's not the writing, per se, and it's not the knitting, per se. It's that there are things I feel it's important to spend time creating, and at this time I am pushing them aside and ignoring them entirely.

      This is not sustainable for me. My mental health will end up suffering. And also, I will soon hit the point where the satisfaction I feel for my domination of domestic life will wane, and it will be replaced by resentment of the people I love for being leeches who suck my energy away and never give it back.

      Creating whatever Important Thing infiltrates my mind at any given time is what fills my tanks.

      I can't push those things aside for much longer, and yet now that I've figured it out, it means I have to squeeze them into a very delicately balanced miasma of messy life.

      Does this way of thinking about creative pursuits – as an ever-evolving array of Important Things to Make – resonate?

      Should I tackle this out loud?

      Do you want to tackle it with me?

      If this doesn't (or does) resonate, what's the thing about your creative life right now that you're struggling with?
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    • Hi all. I sent this out to our Patreon members earlier today, and while I said in that note that I would be raising the topic in the forums today in a way that implied I'd write something different, I realize now that writing something different is silly, so I'm simply pasting the same message here.

      This is absolutely open for conversation, but it is not open, as will become clear when you get to the end, to arguments against the basic tenet that all people must enjoy the ability to live as they choose to live and not only to do so safely, but in a manner that enables them to thrive.

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    • I figured I'd try to start a thread to see if I could break it. 😉 Here's a little Q&A that might be fun to introduce ourselves:

      My name is _____.

      I live in or around ___________.

      I go by _________ on Facebook.

      Other places/accounts you can find me on (Instagram, Twitter, Ravelry)...

      Crafty/Make-y stuff I do...

      Other things I like are.....

      Why'd I join?


      And now my answers:

      My name is Corrie!

      I live in or around Omaha, Nebraska. I'm originally an Air Force kid from all over, but landed in DC, then move here for my husband in 2005.

      I go by  Corrie Oberdin on Facebook.

      Other places/accounts you can find me on (Instagram, Twitter, Ravelry)... Instagram: corriemakes365; Ravelry: Corrie

      Crafty/Make-y stuff I do...Knitting, spinning, crocheting, drawing, collaging, and I just made my first soap and uh-oh, that might be a thing.

      Other things I like are.....yoga, aerial (right now approximately 60% of my brain is taken up by this - I used to scroll through Instagram looking at yarn, now I scroll through instagram looking at aerialists and my husband asked me if I was planning to join the circus), reading, not being stuck in the snow, hiking, going on adventures with my kids.

      Why'd I join? I joined because I got SO MUCH out of the Daily Making Jumpstart that this seemed like the obvious next step! I work on my own, usually from my dining room table, and my regular contact with adults who aren't my husband is limited to yoga/aerial class and my clients. So this is a great way to engage with other people.


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