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  1. Chatting & Adventuring

    1. Introduce Yourself

      Say hello and tell us a little about yourself!

    2. Seeds of Adventure

      Food for thought, articles related to exploring creativity, bits of ideas that may lead somewhere fun...

    3. General Chat

      Have at it.

    4. Sharing Saturdays

      Saturdays are for sharing a creative win from the week that's ended. Bragging encouraged!

    5. Resource Library Conversations

      For each download available to members in the Resource Library, there's a topic here for discussion. Show off what you make, ask questions, join others who are working on a similar project, etc.

  2. Patreon Members' Group

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    2. #expertuesday

      Tuesdays are for sharing what we know and asking fellow adventurers for help.

    3. Bold Adventurer Video Chats

      Details and discussion regarding upcoming and past video chats.

    4. Dauntless & Audacious Adventurer Video Chats

      Patreon members at the $5-and-up level have a second video chat each month. Details and discussion about it right here.

    5. Schmancy Resources Conversations

      Each Schmancy Resource has its own topic in here. Share your photos, ask questions, explore your experience!

  3. So Meta

    1. Features & How To's

      Things you can do here on the site, and in some cases how to do them.

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    • The developer of the plugin that connects Patreon to our site has provided an update that hopefully addresses all of the problems we were having.

      There should not be any errors coming up anymore, and the option to Connect Patreon Account should now be visible on mobile devices – please let me know if this is not true for you!

      If you are a new Patreon member, please let me know if you encounter any errors or any trouble at all connecting your Patreon account to the Rocket Ship.

      If you have already connected your account, please let me know if you encounter any problems, too!

      Thank you for your patience with this! Getting this functionality to work seamlessly is key to the success of this new site, and I know we were all frustrated. The developer was very helpful, and I'm confident he'll respond if we come back to him with further issues. Yay for that!
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    • We use a plugin that enables Patreon supporters to gain access to exclusive forums and features here on the site. Here's a short video tutorial on how to easily connect your Patreon account.


      Patrons' support is what makes this whole site possible. Thank you! (If you aren't a Patron of this site yet, you can become one for as little as a buck a month.)
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    • This is an open thread for collecting ideas for adventures we can do together (even ridiculous ones, harebrained ones, not-fully-thought-out ones).

      Possibilities for things like craft-alongs, projects or challenges, series of prompts or exercises, tutorials (from Kim or from other members or from a collaboration)... anything at all.

      Don't be shy. Do riff off each other's ideas!
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    • I figured I'd try to start a thread to see if I could break it. 😉 Here's a little Q&A that might be fun to introduce ourselves:

      My name is _____.

      I live in or around ___________.

      I go by _________ on Facebook.

      Other places/accounts you can find me on (Instagram, Twitter, Ravelry)...

      Crafty/Make-y stuff I do...

      Other things I like are.....

      Why'd I join?


      And now my answers:

      My name is Corrie!

      I live in or around Omaha, Nebraska. I'm originally an Air Force kid from all over, but landed in DC, then move here for my husband in 2005.

      I go by  Corrie Oberdin on Facebook.

      Other places/accounts you can find me on (Instagram, Twitter, Ravelry)... Instagram: corriemakes365; Ravelry: Corrie

      Crafty/Make-y stuff I do...Knitting, spinning, crocheting, drawing, collaging, and I just made my first soap and uh-oh, that might be a thing.

      Other things I like are.....yoga, aerial (right now approximately 60% of my brain is taken up by this - I used to scroll through Instagram looking at yarn, now I scroll through instagram looking at aerialists and my husband asked me if I was planning to join the circus), reading, not being stuck in the snow, hiking, going on adventures with my kids.

      Why'd I join? I joined because I got SO MUCH out of the Daily Making Jumpstart that this seemed like the obvious next step! I work on my own, usually from my dining room table, and my regular contact with adults who aren't my husband is limited to yoga/aerial class and my clients. So this is a great way to engage with other people.


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