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  1. Chatting & Adventuring

    1. Introduce Yourself

      Say hello and tell us a little about yourself!

    2. Staying Connected Through the Pandemic

      Video chats, craft clubs, book clubs, social support, emotional support – this is the place to come together.

    3. Seeds of Adventure

      Food for thought, articles related to exploring creativity, bits of ideas that may lead somewhere fun...

    4. General Chat

      Have at it.

    5. Sharing Saturdays

      Saturdays are for sharing a creative win from the week that's ended. Bragging encouraged!

    6. Podcast

      Notes and discussions related to the Mighty Creative podcast.

    7. Resource Library Conversations

      For each download available to members in the Resource Library, there's a topic here for discussion. Show off what you make, ask questions, join others who are working on a similar project, etc.

  2. Make, Learn, Share

    1. Art

      Drawing, painting, collage, mixed media, sculpture, etc.

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    2. Fiber Arts

      Knitting, crocheting, weaving, spinning, felting, etc.

    3. Jewelry

      Beading, wire, metalwork, etc.

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    4. Paper

      Lettering, bookbinding, printing, origami, quilling, etc.

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    6. Stitching

      Embroidery, cross stitch, sashiko, mending, etc.

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    9. Writing

      Creative writing, essay writing, any kind of writing writing.

  3. Online Class Groups

    1. Daily Making Jumpstart

      The Jumpstart is a 14-day guide to establishing a daily creative habit.

  4. Supporting Members' Group

    1. 81
    2. Ask a Question, Answer a Question

      Tuesdays (and all days!) are for sharing what we know and for asking fellow adventurers for advice, information or help.

    3. Bold+ Adventurer Video Chats

      Details and discussion regarding upcoming and past video chats for Patreon members at the $3-and-up level.

    4. Dauntless+ Adventurer Video Chats

      Patreon members at the $5-and-up level have a second video chat each month. Details and discussion about it right here.

    5. Audacious+ Adventurer Video Chats

      Patreon members at the $10-and-up level have a third video chat each month. Details and discussion about it right here.

    6. Schmancy Resources Conversations

      Each Schmancy Resource has its own topic in here. Share your photos, ask questions, explore your experience!

  5. A Month of Weaving

    1. Event Details, Polls, Questions

      General info about Weaving Month, including invitations to ask for help, offer help, and make suggestions.

    2. Getting Started

      For those of us about to weave for the first(ish) time and for those of us coming back to weaving after a long hiatus, this is where to start. Info about making simple looms, basic techniques, etc.

    3. Warp-Along

      The yarn that's wrapped from one end of a loom to the other to form the background of a weaving is called the warp. The way to warp a loom varies according to the type of loom being used. For some weavers, especially beginners, warping their loom can be an intimidating step. So we're going to warp our looms together!

    4. Patterns, Instructions and Tutorials

      This is the place for sharing projects (links to patterns or instructions, or posts with your own instructions) and tutorials (links and actual tutorials themselves). If you have ever woven anything before, you have things to teach members who are less experienced. Don't be shy!

    5. Sharing Progress and FOs

      Show off your progress and/or your finished objects!

  6. So Meta

    1. Features & How To's

      Things you can do here on the site, and in some cases how to do them.

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  7. Club Forums

    1. NaNoWriMo Adventurists NaNoWriMo Starts Nov 1! Are you ready?!

      I'm never ready. Some nanowrimo writers are excited for midnight to hit tonight and start typing furiously, high on book expectations.

      Not me. I'm a leisurely get up, get coffee, think deep thoughts, more coffee and then start trying to get a daily word count of 1600-ish words to stay on schedule for 50,000 by the end of November.

      Does this resonate with you? Let's aim to be slightly more prepared to jump in to nanowrimo!

      Here's some resources to check out:

      @Kim Werker reminded me about beat sheets https://timstout.wordpress.com/story-structure/blake-snyders-beat-sheet/ a plot structure template

      @Kim Werker shared a great quiz https://blog.nanowrimo.org/post/183871423531/whats-the-best-nanowrimo-writing-schedule-for I'm a write in the margins person, grab those word snippets through my busy day any way I can! Figure out how best to schedule this month instead of forcing an unrealistic schedule

      Nano Prep 101 - great tips here on how to get yourself ready. Their schedule started in september but it's like the pirate code - just a suggestion 😉

      Get excited! 


    2. NaNoWriMo Adventurists Daily Word Counts

      How do you keep up? What happens when you fall behind? Do you ever do more than your word counts? How? Here's the place to post your best practices, problems and/or tips!

    3. 41
    4. NaNoWriMo Adventurists Motivation

      Post motivational quotes, share pictures and stories to help get us through this next month!


    5. The Holidays Forum

      All the talk of holiday making.

    6. 7
    7. NaNoWriMo Adventurists WE MADE IT!

      Last day of NANOWRIMO! Hopefully you got some words done, added to your outlines, fleshed out some characters and had some productive momentum to your novel. 

      For my part, I have my habit of 200 words a day that I managed to stick to and plan to keep moving on, I created a full outline and created some characters.

      Congratulations! You did it!

      There's still some time to add some words 😉

      • No posts here yet
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    11. Book Banter Discussion Space

      This will be the space where we talk about what we're currently reading.

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    • Practicing social distancing shouldn't result in social isolation.

      So we now have an always-on video chatroom for all members of our community to use anytime. Just click this link: https://whereby.com/mighty-creative

      Save that link as a bookmark in your browser and join the chat just by clicking. That's it. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

      (Please don't share the link outside of the forums. The chat room is big enough for our community, but it'll be overwhelmed if we share the link outside these virtual walls.)

      Use this thread to declare when you'll be in there, or to invite folks to join you for anything at all – a quick chat, if you need help with a project, to make stuff together, to put together a wee virtual class...
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    • At one time or another, many of us experience a period of hardship during which we must cut many non-essential expenditures.

      And at one time or another, many of us experience a period during which we want to share of our ability to afford expenses that go beyond the essential.

      I'm working on setting up a scholarship program for our community, and I'd love your input as I work out the details.

      At this moment, I'm leaning toward establishing a bucket folks can contribute into in, say, $5 increments. This will comprise the scholarship fund.

      As needed, folks would then apply to the fund privately. Scholarships would be awarded as funds allow, and could be applied either to Supporting Membership or to workshops.

      Please hit reply and let me know what you think of this idea in general, and with your thoughts on details related to contributions and allocations.

      My goal here is to provide a boost to community members when they need it, and an opportunity for community members to support each other.

      What do you think?
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    • Hi all. I sent this out to our Patreon members earlier today, and while I said in that note that I would be raising the topic in the forums today in a way that implied I'd write something different, I realize now that writing something different is silly, so I'm simply pasting the same message here.

      This is absolutely open for conversation, but it is not open, as will become clear when you get to the end, to arguments against the basic tenet that all people must enjoy the ability to live as they choose to live and not only to do so safely, but in a manner that enables them to thrive.

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